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    About Us

    At St. Paul Commercial Cleaners, we can provide you with exactly that. We will be able to deliver you a high standard of cleaning work, on as much of a routinely basis as you need. Our team know all too well, just how important it is to keep any commercial space looking clean. For both the experience of your clients and the positivity of your employees, we’re familiar with just how impactful our work can be. You can put your trust in us, to care for your business location and make sure that it is kept to the highest standard.

    Our Services

    There is not a single company that wouldn’t benefit from some cleaning work. For that reason, we offer services that span every different type of industry. From restaurants to medical spaces, you know that we will be there to help. Included in that, can be every room in the building. From the floors to the walls, to your windows and even to your upholstered furniture, we really do go above and beyond to do it all. From us, you can expect the very highest level of cleaning work, consistently. We are relentless in removing even the most persistent stains and odors.

    Lobby, Common Areas and Conference Rooms

    Between your lobby, conference rooms and other similar areas, you are constantly greeting clients and prospective clients. These are spaces that you want to be able to make a good impression with. That is why, janitor services are a vital thing for you to have. When you trust us with your cleaning task, we make sure that it is done properly. It will be smelling fresh and looking bright and clean, meaning you can use it in its best condition. Equally, we provide the same standard for office cleaning and event space cleaning.

    Kitchens and
    Restrooms Services

    Both kitchens and restrooms are sanitary environments. They should be well maintained with regular cleaning services, at least at the end of each day. But we know both can be time consuming tasks and it can be easy to forget the necessary level of depth of cleaning. That is why, you shouldn’t worry yourself with the job. Instead, give us a call, at St. Paul Commercial Cleaners. We can provide you with thorough and decontaminating cleaning, as regularly as you need it. For bar and restaurant cleaning, and for kitchens and bathrooms, we will be the best ally.

    Carpet, Flooring
    and Upholstery

    Tracked over with dirty feet all day, your carpets and floors get dirty very quickly. The same can be said for other fabric items, like upholstered furniture. All of these areas stain easily, when really, they should be being attractive detailing aspects of your business location. So, if your carpets, flooring or upholstery are in need of a clean, you should give us a call. Using professional cleaning products, we will be able to remove tough stains and restore an original condition. For carpets and upholstery, we use specialized conditioners, so that we can go as far as to return its original texture and feel.

    Window Washing

    If you are looking to have your windows washed, you should consider the services of St. Paul Commercial Cleaners. We can offer our clients affordable window washing services. Whether you need your office windows clear and bright or you need to make your shopfront display look its very best, we will be able to help. You can expect a high-quality wash, every time, both inside and out.

    Odor Removal

    Working in a commercial space, there is nothing worse than a feeling or it being unhygienic. When there is a strong odor persisting somewhere, that is exactly the feeling you get. So, when a foul smell lingers around your workspace, you should contact us for some cleaning. We can offer same day cleaning services if need be, so that we can quickly solve your odor removal need.

    Waste Removal

    One of the most important things about any business environment, is that you don’t let trash and waste build up. There is nothing more unsanitary than old bags of refuse causing foul smells and sometimes, even attracting pests. It is not important whether you are in a restaurant or an office, you will want a reliable waste removal service. And of course, you can trust St. Paul Commercial Cleaners to be able to help. As your complete commercial janitorial team, we will clear out any waste for you. We’ll be able to offer you this service, as many times as you need it, during each week.

    “I run a small restaurant on the edge of town and I don’t know what I would do, without St. Paul Commercial Cleaners. We are always open into the late hours of the night and trying to find the time or staff to clean, is difficult. Instead, I rely on these guys morning after early morning. They take care of everything, always doing the best job.” – Mickie T

    “St. Paul Commercial Cleaners are a dependable team of janitors. They always have my offices looking ready for the days work. I schedule them in for 3 visits a week, but they are always so accommodating if I need any more. Couldn’t ask for more from a cleaning team.” – Jessica E

    “When I get the annual window wash, for my shopfront, I use St. Paul Commercial Cleaners. These guys know what it takes to deliver the best standard and they’ve never let me down. Really high standard of work, always grateful.” – Chris H

    Contact Us Today

    As a businessowner, the best ally you could have is a top-quality cleaner. That is exactly what you get, with St. Paul Commercial Cleaners. You can depend on us when you need any one of our services, in the moment that you need one. So, get in contact with us today, and we will be eager to get started for you.